Saint Petersburg Astronomy Club - Mirror Lab


Science Center of Pinellas
7701 22nd Ave N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

We're available from 12 Noon to 4PM each Saturday

Our Founder

Paul McNabb founded the mirror lab in 1997 in order to create the best amateur telecopes possible. Inch for inch our mirrors surpass store bought or commercial grade scopes.

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  • Ralph Craig - Lab Instructor
  • Allen Maroney - Lab Instructor
  • Ron Jones - The Figurer
  • Mike Davis - Casts Mirrors
  • Dimitri - Support


  • James Lerch - Robo Foucault
  • Matt Terry
  • Charlie Mullen
  • Bruce Kazcmarik
  • Keevy McAlavy

In Memorium

  • Irv Nadelhaft
  • Lenny Remetta

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Where the 19th Century Art of Mirror Making Meets the 21st Century

The Saint Petersburg Mirror Lab is a small band of dedicated mirror grinders and telescope makers living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. We offer a mirror making class for interested persons. We strive to create the best mirrors our home brew technology can muster. This includes robotic foucault testing and laser interferometry.

  Completed Mirrors For October
Allen 12.5 inch annual refiguring
Tom Spano 14.25 inch Black BVC Glass
Joe Colontonio 10 inch (used a special mesh for his pitch lap)

  New Mirror Graduate Steve Kane
Congratulations to Steve Kane who completed a 10inch f/5.6 mirror that tested better than
1/5 wave.

  How to paint the inside of a tube

Paul demonstrates a device he made out of plumbing parts that allows the easy spray painting of
the inside of tubes.

  Two Mirror Graduates
Well done to Art Ross who completed a 10inch f/5 mirror and Richard Garner who
finished a 10inch f/6.2

  2005 Orange Blossom Special with John Dobson
John inspects Ralph's and Allens work. It was fun to discuss the finer points of mirror grinding
with one of the masters.

John autographs the 2005 Mirror Lab Rafflescope.

Allen Maroney held a digital camera up to a 26mm Plossl on a 3.1inch refractor

  OBS 2004 Images

  Large Aluminizing Chamber ONLINE

  Total Lunar Eclipse

November 8th, 2003

Total Lunar Eclipse

A movie of the event is available:
AVI (1.7MB) | href=images/movies/Eclipse_11-03_Divx.avi>Divx (1 MB)

We were at the Science Center most of
the evening. The clouds made it difficult to see during totality but before and afterwards it
was good viewing.

Lunar pictures by James Lerch

  Laser Interferometer goes online

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