Paul McNabb founded the mirror lab in 1997 in order to create the best amateur telecopes possible. Inch for inch our mirrors surpass store bought or commercial grade scopes.

Part of the Saint Petersburg Astronomy Club Home of the 2017 OBS Star Party

Lab Members

Ralph Craig is a lab instructor and has made mirrors from 6 inches to his recently completed 16 inch f5 mirror.

Allen Maroney
has completed three mirrors in the lab between 8 and 18 inches. Allen is also buiding a second robo foucault tester based on James design.

Mike Davis
casts his own mirror blanks.

Irv Nadelhaft

Charlie Mullen ground the mirrors for two years worth of rafflescopes but now has moved on the clear skys of New Mexico.

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Lab Alumni

Lenny Remetta

Keevy McAlavy

Bruce Kazcmarik

James Lerch built our robo foucault tester and in house aluminizing chamber as well as a laser interferometry testing setup.

Ron Jones AKA the figurer is about the best mirror maker this side of the mississippi. You can see things in his 8 inch mirror that would impress a takahashi devotee.


Russell W. Porter father of amateur astronomy and founder of Stellafane

Mel Bartels Website
Amateur Astronomer and innovator.

Stardate Website
Good overall observation site.

NGC Astronomers
Former member Matt Terry has his own astronomy club north of Tampa.

Southwest Florida
Astronomical Society

A nearby Astronomy club.

Telescope Software
Ray tracing program for determining all required dimensions for a newtonian reflector. (New Website)

Program for designing mirror cells.

Observing Software
3-D interactive simulation of the solar system and beyond.

Plots the jovian satellites.

Lunar Phase
Shows all the phases of the move and more.

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  Scott begins his mirror
Scott begins hogging out his 8" mirror. According to the sagitta meter (the bar and gauge on the
mirror) he reached about half of the needed depth during the first lab session.

  Brittany finished her 10 inch mirror
Brittany finished her 10 inch f4.9 1/6th wave mirror today. It has a fantastic polish and edge.

  Brittany and her dad polish mirrors
Brittany and her father, Stan, were working on 10 inch mirrors this week. Brittany's f4.9 mirror is
fully polished and ready for figuring. Stan was visiting the lab for the first time and we put him
to work in a 10 inch f5 mirror that will be used to calibrate the robotic Foucault tester.

  EXTRA! EXTRA! Paul McNabb Finishes a mirror!
The impossible has finally happened, Paul McNabb has finished a mirror. His 16 inch better than
1/4 wave f/4.76 mirror was finished on 4/20/2013, which also happens to be his birthday.
Congratulations and happy birthday Paul!

  The last round of figuring on Pauls 16 in
Dennis Farr (with Pebbles), Paul McNabb and Ron Jones discuss the best stroke to finish Pauls
mirror. They were successful!

  Bill with his 10 inch mirror
Bill is at 35 thousandths after his first day of edge beveling and grinding with 60 grit.

  Dave is back!
Dave grinding 8in and Brittany grinding 10in

  Brittany with the spherometer
Brittany checking her 10 inch mirror with the spherometer after 240 grit.

  Brittany beveling her new mirror
Brittany beveling the edge of her new 10 inch blank to prevent edge chipping while grinding.

  Mike with students
Mike Davis showing visiting students how mirrors are polished with a sub diameter tool.

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