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  • GalaxyZoo offers amateur astronomers a chance to hunt galaxies
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2008-01-07
    Help out the Sloan Digital Sky Survey by classifying galaxies on their website Be the first person to view a galaxy and help out science in the process.

    More Information: Click Here

    Withlacoochee Weekend
    contributed by Nancy Huff on 2007-12-31
    Hello all, just to let you know we will be on site at Withlacoochee from about noon on Thursday through the weekend if anyone would like to come early. Also, keep in mind that the gate closes at 5:30 pm. Call 813/621-3606 if arriving after that to get the combination.

    Hope to see you there!


    Withlacoochee Park for December New Moon weekend
    contributed by Nancy Huff on 2007-11-26
    Hello all...If I have forgotten anyone, please pass the word.

    We'll be at Withlacoochee Park for December New Moon weekend - December 7-8-9. Last month we had our biggest crowd to date and hope we can top that in December. A surprise for all - we will have a porta potty and hot shower on the field for December. No more driving to the restroom in the dark. (Last month someone hit a pole on the field. Hope no damage occurred) This is one week before the Geminid Meteor shower so we could see some activity there. Pass the word....
    there's plenty of room for all. Hope to see you there.


    November New Moon weekend. One RV not showing, Ron Wayman
    was parked just out of view.

    Upcoming SPAC Events
    contributed by Dan Briker on 2007-11-17
    Board of Directors meeting Wednesday December 5th.

    Withlacoochee River State Park observing weekend December 7th and 8th.

    Gulfport Sidewalk Astronomy Friday December 7th and Saturday December 15th
    on the corner of 31st Ave South and Beach Blvd. in downtown Gulfport.

    Annual Christmas party Friday December 14th.

    Comet 17P/Holmes Observing at Science Center
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-11-17
    On Friday night November 16th, instead of the usual club meeting there was an open observing night at the Science Center. Approximately 300 members of the public showed up to see the comet. Weather was cooperative but the comet was fading.

    Perseid Meteor Shower
    contributed by Nancy Huff on 2007-07-07
    Hello all, wanted to let you know that we have reserved the field at Withlacoochee
    for August new Moon weekend, which is also the peak (11th/12th) for the Perseid meteor shower. Pass the word and let's hope the weatherman will cooperate. Need more info, just let me know.


    Memorial Weekend Club Picnic and Star Party
    contributed by kmcalavy on 2007-05-23
    In celebration of the Memorial Day weekend, we are having another of our fantastic biannual combination barbecue and shrimp-boil picnic feasts and star party. This covered dish event will be held in the picnic table area with seating for 70-75 persons. Starting at 7:30 p.m., the club will furnish a whole mess of 'u-peel-em' steamed shrimp plus the usual bontiful selection of tasty meats including bratwurst, hamburgers, kielbasa, and hotdogs grilled to perfection by PAUL 'Hail-to-the-chef' MCNABB and all the plates and plastic ware utensils. (If you want to bring your own steaks and grill them, you can do that too.) The club also provides a wide selection of soft drinks and bottled water. If you feel like it, you might bring something to share in the realm of salads, vegie trays, deserts, cheeses, different chips and dips, etc.

    Obviously you are invited to bring your telescopes to set up in the spacious lawn area between the picnic area and the observatory.

    SPAC Meeting This Friday
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-04-25
    There will be a general meeting of the club on Friday at 8pm. As usual this will be held at the Science Center on 22nd Avenue. Programs will include "Objects that are currently visible in coma verneices and canis venatici" by Dennis Farr. Also Allen Maroney will talk about current events in the mirror lab.

    Next month will be the Memorial Day picnic. You can bring a covered dish or something to share.

    Next Gulfport sidewalk astronomy events: Friday May 4th and Saturday May 19th.

    Withlacoochee this weekend
    contributed by Nancy Huff on 2007-04-19
    Hello all, we are planning to be at Withlacoochee this weekend since last weekend at the Alafia was a "blowout", literally. Also the Lyrid Meteor shower is supposed to peak Sunday morning. We plan to be there Friday noon till Monday. Directions, etc.,

    follow. If you want to arrive after dark, you can call us at 813/621-3606 to get
    the combination. Weather looks promising and only 3 days after new moon so it should be a good weekend before it gets too hot.
    Hope to see you there.

    Nancy & Bill

    Observing at the Science Center this Saturday Night
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-04-10
    If the weather cooperates (20% chance of rain) there will be a public observing at the science center this Saturday. The last two planned observing sessions were cancelled due to bad weather. Let's hope this one works out.

    Upcoming Iridium Flares for Saint Petersburg
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-04-10
    Shortly after sunset or before sunrise you can sometimes see orbiting satellites as they reflect light from the sun. Here is a website that provides schedules and charts for these events. The link goes directly to a page set with coordinates for St Pete.

    More Information: Click Here

    Upcoming Dates
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-03-21
    SPAC Meeting Friday March 23rd 8pm at the Science Center
    Gulfport Sidewalk Astronomy Friday April 6th
    Astronomy Day Observing at the Science Center Saturday April 14th 7:30pm to 11pm
    Gulfport Sidewalk Astronomy Saturday April 21st

    Billy Dodd Founder of Chiefland Dies
    contributed by John ONeill on 2007-03-21
    Billy passed away last week. There will be a memorial service on
    April the 14th at 1pm at the pole barn at the village. If you come
    you will not believe what has happen to the village, it has grown so
    much. A real testament to all he stood for and represented to the
    astronomical community.

    Many of you may remember Billy Dodd who left our area to form the
    Chiefland Astronomy Village. Billy was an astro imager extrodinaire
    during the days when you had to spend hours at the reticle in the
    freezing cold, keeping the guide star in the crosshairs. Many of his
    images are displayed in the astronomy department at UF.

    "Star Party" at Jimmie B Keel Library Tampa March 27th 2007
    contributed by Jim Hunter on 2007-03-13
    Please send out a reminder regarding Star Party at:
    Jimmie B Keel Library on Bearss (between FLA & Dale Mabry) - At Sunset
    I would appreciate a call from anyone planning to help
    My number is 813.909.7013

    Jim Hunter

    Star Party
    Mar 27 Tuesday 7:30 pm
    Presented by: Astronomer Jim Hunter.
    Join local astronomer Jim Hunter as he answers questions on
    astronomy and telescopes. Telescopes will be set up outside.

    2902 W. Bearss Ave., Tampa
    Hours: Su 12:30p-5p; M 9a-9p; Tu 9a-9p; W 9a-9p; Th 9a-9p; F 9a-6p; Sa 9a-5p
    Call (813) 273-3652, ext. 2

    More Information: Click Here

    Pluto Declared a Planet in New Mexico
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-03-08
    On March 13th, as Pluto is overhead, New Mexico will officially declare that Pluto is once again a planet.

    More Information: Click Here

    Video Slideshow from stargaz1701 on yahoo
    contributed by Nancy Huff on 2007-02-20
    Hello all, there's a video posted on Yahoo you
    might enjoy.

    Go to and click on the video tab at the top.
    Type Star Party in the search box and click Search button Scroll down to find Stargaz1701 on the right side of the window and click it. Then click the thumbnail picture for the Orange Blossom Special video, turn up the volume and enjoy.

    This is a great representation of the star party. Approx 5 minutes.

    Nancy Huff

    More Information: Click Here

    First Pictures from OBS 2007
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-02-19
    These are a few pictures from the 2007 OBS. More to come.

    Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday March 3rd
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-02-11
    There will be a total lunar eclipse on Saturday March 3rd this year. The eclipse will already be underway when the moon rises as seen from Florida.

    There will be another total Lunar eclipse on August 28th but again you won't be able to see all of it from Florida as the moon will set before the eclipse is complete.

    Total Eclipse of the Moon

    W082 28, N27 58

    Eastern Standard Time

    Azimuth Altitude
    h m o o
    Moonrise 2007 Mar 03 18:28 82.2 ----
    Moon leaves totality 2007 Mar 03 18:58.0 85.7 5.6
    Moon leaves umbra 2007 Mar 03 20:11.7 94.4 21.3
    Moon leaves penumbra 2007 Mar 03 21:25.4 104.7 36.8
    Moonset 2007 Mar 04 07:11 274.4 ----

    More Information: Click Here

    Jupiter From Mars
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2007-02-10
    Ever wonder what astronomy would be like from another planet? This is a picture of Jupiter taken from Mars orbit. The HiRISE imaging instrument on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took this picture on January 11th.

    Image courtesy NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

    More Information: Click Here

    Mercury Transit of 2006
    contributed by Dennis Ellen Farr on 2007-01-01
    These are images taken by Dennis and Ellen Farr of the Mercury transit last November. Despite it being a Wednesday afternoon about a dozen members of the public showed up at the Science Center to observe.

    Withlacoochee trip and New Robo Foucault Tester
    contributed by Allen Maroney on 2006-12-29
    It looks like the Withlacoochee trip is still on. I'm pulling a trailer so
    going through Tampa during rush hour the Friday before a long weekend is
    not a good thing so I'm either leaving early, late or taking an alternate
    route. The moon doesn't set until 2:30am so an evening drive isn't out of
    the question. Let me know who is going and when you think that you are
    leaving and maybe we can get a caravan going. Wagons North!

    In other news...

    Here's a link to the status of the Robo Foucault tester that I'm working on.

    If I get it finished in the next month it may go to the OBS (no promises
    yet!). Maybe we could use a tarp for the testing tube. It's made of 1/2"
    birch plywood since that is what I had scraps of lying around.

    More Information: Click Here

    Science Center “Wine Under The Stars” Fundraiser, Sat Jan 27
    contributed by Marie Stempinski on 2006-12-28
    December 28, 2006
    Contact: Marie Stempinski, PR/Marketing Director
    727 384-0027 x225

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Science Center presents “Wine Under The Stars” Fundraiser, Saturday, Jan. 27.

    Wine sampling, star gazing, fine food from top area restaurants, desserts and much more! That’s what The Science Center plans for Saturday, January 27, 2007 from 6-9 p.m.

    For just $45 per person the evening offers food from The Wine Cellar, Salt Rock Grill, Pepin, Mangia and Sam Seltzer’s Steakhouse; wine from Vino 100; music; a dessert room; Planetarium Shows and Observatory Viewings. Also, the entire Center will be open including the Animal and Marine rooms. All proceeds benefit the Science Center, a private, non-profit facility funded by grants and corporate and private donations.

    Sponsored by The St. Petersburg Times and Bay News Nine this event is expected to draw over 400 people. Please make reservations before January 17 by calling 727 384-0027.

    For more information, visit or call 727 384-0017.

    More Information: Click Here

    2007 OBS Registration DEADLINE Dec 31st
    contributed by cryonewsbot on 2006-12-23
    The deadline to register for the 2007 OBS is December 31st. After that time you can still register but there is a late fee.

    More Information: Click Here

    SPAC Members Needed New Years First Night at St Pete Pier
    contributed by Greg Simpson on 2006-11-21
    As far as First Night goes, if you're interested, you'd just need to get
    there around sundown. We set up the scopes in the grassy area right next to
    (west of) "Spa Beach." That's the small beach on the north side of the approach to the Pier, which is 2nd Ave. NE. You pull into the last parking lot on the north side of 2nd Ave., just before you go past Spa Beach itself. We'll
    have reserved parking spaces on the eastern side of the parking lot, right next
    to the grassy area where the scopes will be. Also, you can drive right out
    onto the grass to set up your equipment, then return your car to the space--no
    lugging a telescope more than a few feet.

    It's kind of a long gig: we start at sundown and finish at midnight.
    You're more than welcome to leave early, of course, or stay as long as you want.
    Last year Liz & I brought some sandwiches and Cokes. There are a few
    concrete picnic tables right nearby where you can eat. Also, if you need it, there are outdoor power outlets for motorized scopes, and there's a public restroom about 50 yards away that's well lit and (reasonably) clean.

    I think we'll have a pretty good crowd this
    year because the organizers are going to list the St. Pete Astronomy Club as
    participants in all their promotional materials this year. I think we'll need as many telescopes as we can get. This thing's sponsored by the city and the
    St. Pete Times, so people will know there will be telescopes out there. Last
    year we weren't mentioned at all, but we still had quite a few people stop by.
    It's pretty bright out there, but we'll be able to see Venus low in the
    western sky at sunset, and the Moon will be up as well. Saturn rises about 8 pm, so that'll be a big crowd pleaser later in the evening, and the Orion Nebula
    is visible too.

    Leonids to Peak this Weekend. Maybe for the last time...
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-11-17
    According to an NPR segment on Friday the Leonid meteor shower that normally peaks around the 17th of November could become a thing of the past. It is predicted that Jupiter will disturb the orbit of the comet fragments that supply infalling material into Earth's atmosphere that causes the shower. The disturbance will shift the orbit away from Earth and hence the shower will significantly diminish or go away altogether.

    The Club will have a public observing session on Saturday night the 18th behind the Science Center. The Carol Samuals Observatory will be open as well.

    November Club Meeting on Friday Nov 16
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-11-16
    Anyone with pictures of last weeks Mercury transit are encouraged to share them at this month's meeting.

    There will be a question and answer free-for-all at the meeting. Anyone can ask any astronomy related question of President Dennis Farr or VP Wayne Tripp.

    Cub Scouts at Camp Flying Eagle Saturday Nov 12th
    contributed by Allen Maroney on 2006-11-09
    I have been volunteered to help 50 or so Cub Scouts with their Astronomy Belt Loop at Camp Flying Eagle this Saturday evening. Unfortunately they picked a time when there are no bright planets and the moon isn't up until late. It's short notice, but if anyone is interested in helping email me at

    Camp Flying Eagle is near Parrish about a 30 minute drive South East of the Skyway Bridge (N27 30.948 W82 22.823)

    Nikon Astronomy Items Forsale
    contributed by Matt Terry on 2006-11-06
    Hi, all,

    These items are for sale for a good price, from the collection of a dead astro.
    Lemme know if anyone likey...


    9A Nikon 10cm x 120cm with spotting scope in case
    10A Second Nikon with equitorial mounts.
    11A Nikon clse up of eq. mounts
    12A Closer view
    13A Brandon eyepieces 1 1/4 inch sizes 6, 8. 12, 16, 20mm $50.00ea.
    17A various hwd. items
    6A Wide view of equipment note: The foreground, white scope is the one with an
    existing problem (unable to sharply focus stellar objects) Orion Vixen 102mm x
    920mm fl Fluorite. Any one qualified to adjust the optics and test?? Est. $500
    when problem resolved!

    Here's current info on Nikon scopes

    More Information: Click Here

    Request for an Astronomy Presenter at Local Park
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-11-05
    Forwarded message:

    My name is Candy and I work for a nature park in St. Petersburg - Boyd
    Hill Nature Preserve. I am trying to schedule presentations for a
    series called A Naturalist's Night Out. This is a family oriented
    series in which we try to have a connection with the natural world.
    The program is always on the fourth Tuesday each month from 6:30 - 7:30

    Would it be possible for your club to do an outdoor presentation in
    either February 27, 2007 or March 27, 2007 ?

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    Candy Arnold, Ranger
    Lake Maggiore Environmental Education Center
    Boyd Hill Nature Preserve
    1101 Country Club Way South
    St. Petersburg, FL 33705-4657

    REMINDER: Mercury Transit Wed Afternoon at the Science Center
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-11-04
    Don't forget that next Wednesday afternoon club members will be set up at the science center to observe the transit of Mercury across the sun. There will be telescopes with solar filters available for all to look through. We are hoping there will also be a hydrogen alpha filter available.

    In addition there will be a live webcast from Hawaii for the duration of the transit.

    More Information: Click Here

    NSF to cut Astronomy Budget and Kill Arecibo Big Dish
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-11-04
    The big radio dish in Arecibo Puerto Rico could be gathering dush by 2011 if the NSF's gets a $30 million budget cut. The budget shortfall cuts across all astronomy programs funded by the NSF not just radio astronomy.

    More Information: Click Here

    NASA to give Hubble Telescope one last servicing mission
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-31
    NASA announced today that one last servicing mission to Hubble will be conducted sometime in 2008. Shuttle astronauts will replace worn out batteries and gyroscopes as well as a few science instruments that have failed since the last servicing mission. In addition two new instruments will be added to Hubble, a spectrograph and a wide field camera.

    More Information: Click Here

    Fly your Name to Mars
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-31
    You have until February 1st 2007 to register your name on a DVD to be flown on the Mars Phoenix mission scheduled to land near the Martian north pole in the spring of 2008.

    More Information: Click Here

    IAU names 2009 the International Year of Astronomy
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-31
    "Despite the IYA2009 being still in its early planning stages, a number of very exciting ideas have already been put forward. One of the core ideas is to bring Astronomy closer to all citizens of planet Earth by giving them the opportunity to interact with amateur and professional astronomers, as well as to participate in “sidewalk astronomy” events in planetariums and public observatories where several different activities, such as looking through a telescope and observing our Universe, will be held."

    More Information: Click Here

    2006 SPAC Officer Elections
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-28
    The 2006 election of officers happened Friday night. Wayne Tripp was reelected vice-president in the only contested race, but just barely. Challenger John O'Neill was just a few votes away from winning.

    NASA to decide Hubble Space Telescope's fate on Tuesday
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-28
    On Tuesday NASA will announce if there is going to be one last repair mission to Hubble. The orbiting space telescope only has a couple years of life left in it without the mission. With the proposed mission to replace batteries and gyroscopes Hubble is predicted to last another 4 or 5 years.

    The main issue of contention seems to be safety. Since Hubble's orbit is different from the space station, the shuttle won't be able to use it as a safe haven in case of an emergency.

    More Information: Click Here

    Upcoming Holiday Meeting Schedule
    contributed by Dan Bricker on 2006-10-20
    Due to the schedule conflict involving the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, be aware that the upcoming SPAC meetings will be held on November 17 and December 15 which are the third Fridays of those months.

    Next Gulfport Sidewalk Astronomy event Nov. 3. Because we are currently in a period with no early evening bright planets, we are cutting back our sidewalk astronomy events to only those weekends with an early evening viewable moon phase which makes for only one night a month for several months until Saturn comes back around.

    Orders being taken for 2007 Calendars and RASC Observer Handbook
    contributed by Dan Bricker on 2006-10-20
    Save a ton of money and impress your friends with your knowledge of beautiful and minute astronomical details during the coming year. As of now, paid-in-advance order will be accepted for the popular and indispensable Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's annual Observer's Handbook, a listing of all sorts of upcoming astronomical events and information, and the beautiful and informative 2007 Astronomy Calendars with 12 photos suitable for framing.

    Orders will be accepted through the November 17 meeting deadline so that the club's order can be mailed the next day. There will not be any other orders placed and only a few extras will be ordered for all you procrastinators. The books and calendars should be received in time for distribution at the Christmas party meeting. This years' price for the RASC Observers's Handbook is $19.00 and the calendars are $13.00 each for these extraordinarily inofrmative astronomical reference sources.

    See Ellen Farr or Dan Bricker about these publications, and be sure to bring your checkbook, or mail the proper amount to him by November 17. Make checks payable to SPAC, Inc.

    St Pete Astronomy Club's Oktoberfest and Elections
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-20
    The last friday of this month the SPAC board of directors is throwing its annual Oktoberfest Picnic and Observation Party. All members are welcome to attend.

    The year the position of Vice-President is contested. Candidates: Wayne Tripp and John O'Neill.

    Afterwards you are invited and encouraged to bring your telescopes to set up in the spacious lawn area between the picnic area and the observatory.

    AWESOME new picture of Saturn from Cassini
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-17
    This is a long exposure picture of Saturn taken as Cassini was in the gas planet's shadow for 12 hours. It was also the astronomy picture of the day.

    More Information: Click Here

    Jupiter’s Little Red Spot is Getting Bigger and Stronger
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-11
    The little red spot is starting to rival the big red spot in terms of wind speeds according to a recent news article. It's up to 400 miles per hour.

    From the article:
    "The Little Red Spot is the only survivor among three white-colored storms that merged together. In the 1940s, the three storms were seen forming in a band slightly below the Great Red Spot. In 1998, two of the storms merged into one, which then merged with the third storm in 2000. In 2005, amateur astronomers noticed that this remaining, larger storm was changing color, and it became known as the Little Red Spot after becoming noticeably red in early 2006."

    Thanks to Ron Jones for the Picture.

    More Information: Click Here

    National Astronomy 1/2 Hour in Iceland
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-11
    Icelandic writer Andri Snaer Magnason had the capital city of Iceland and two other towns turn out their lights for half an hour back on September 28th. An astronomer spoke on national radio about astronomy and the northern lights. This is an idea the Dark Sky Association should consider here in the US.

    More Information: Click Here

    Club to Observe the Mercury Transit of 2006
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-08
    On Wednesday November 8th Mercury will make a transit across the sun which will be viewable from North America. We won't be able to see the complete transit as it will not finish until after sundown but we will be able to see it ingress and traverse the sun for several hours.

    Club members will be set up at the Science Center with solar scopes.

    More Information: Click Here

    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-10-01
    We are please to announce that the OBS 2007 will be at the Alafia River State Park February 14th to the 18th. Registration forms are now online.

    More Information: Click Here

    Pluto downgraded to Dwarf Planet status
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-09-30
    Pluto is still a planet, sort of. The IAU has reclassified Pluto as a Dwarf Planet along with the asteroid Ceres and the newly discovered Eris (aka Xena). This demotion doesn't sit well with several members of the club including the President, Dennis Farr.

    Some of the problems with the new definition include the requirement that a planet 'clear it's orbit'. This is vague at best and potentially threatens the planethood of Neptune and Jupiter. Jupiter orbits with two large groups of asteroids called the Trojans that lead and trail the large planet by 60 degrees.

    A group of professional astronomers have filed a formal petition with the IAU to come up with a better definition of planet. But it is doubtful if this will help poor Pluto.

    More Information: Click Here

    New Public Observing Season at the Science Center
    contributed by Dan Bricker on 2006-09-18
    Mark your calendars now! You are invited to bring your telescopes to the back yard of the Science Center to observe and share views with the public. You are encouraged to attend and assist at any or all of the following public events at the Science Center. Call Dan Bricker for additional information.

    SEPTEMBER 30 2006 - Saturday - 7:30 P.M. to 11 P.M.
    NOVEMBER 18 2006 - Saturday - 7:30 P.M. to 11 P.M.
    APRIL 14 2007 - Saturday - 7:30 P.M. to 11 P.M.
    JUNE 23 2007 - Saturday - 7:30 P.M. to 11 P.M.

    More Information: Click Here

    RAFFLESCOPE for 2007 is under construction
    contributed by KMcAlavy on 2006-08-26
    The mirror lab has completed the grinding and polishing of a 10inch mirror for the 2007 OBS Rafflescope. It has been measured at 1/15th wave accurancy far better than we expected. The completed telescope will be on display during this years public observings and anyone can buy a ticket for $5.

    SPAC Member Recognized by NASA
    contributed by Andre Medvedeff on 2005-10-08
    Andre Medvedeff reports that fellow SPAC'er Ron Wayman's image of a near-miss occultation of Mars and the Moon on July 17th, 2003 was recently recognized by NASA as one of the top ten images of the year. Congratulations.

    Pictures from OBS 2005
    contributed by George Raab on 2005-03-15

    More Information: Click Here

    contributed by Rich Freed on 2005-03-10

    More Information: Click Here

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